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  • Exploration adventure

In PATOU players follow the story of a teenager named Kit. After an angry argument with her mum Kit wakes up in a dreamlike world. There she meets the giant white dog Patou who stays by her side from now on.

  • Puzzle elements

Kit's family has been torn apart, and the game takes a unique approach to unveil the reasons behind the resentments. As players explore the hidden ruins unearthed by Patou's digging prowess, they encounter a cast of eccentric phantoms who tell the tale of Kit's past with a lighthearted twist.

Wishlist now!

We just hit the “Publish” button in the back-end of PATOU’s Steam page – which means it’s now possible to wishlist it and write your thoughts in the Steam discussion board. While we’re still working on the game it’s a nice milestone to have an official store presence already.

Ingame screenshots

Steam page ready!

Right after we achieved our first major waypoint – to have a Steam page where you can wishlist PATOU – and first exhibitions to showcase and test our good fluff boy, we’re happy to announce that our next waypoint is on the horizon:

We will be at Devcom! We submitted PATOU for the Devcom Indie Expo and its NRW Indie showcase. We feel honored to be chosen for this nice collection of upcoming German and international indie games!

Until we can talk more about that, here are some updates of the levels we are currently working on. There hasn’t been a vlog from us for quite some time, so screenshots must suffice. Or TikTok, if you can handle the amount of cuts in 30 seconds.

System requirements


    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

    • OS: Windows 7

    • Processor: i7

    • Graphics: GTX980

    • DirectX: Version 10

    • Storage: 1 GB available space

    • Sound Card: Any


    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system